My name is Charles Eric Funston.  I am generally addressed by my middle name.  I always know when some caller is trying to sell me something if they ask for “Charles”.

I’m a priest in the Episcopal Church. That’s part of the Anglican Communion. Some folks (such as the Archbishop of Nigeria) seem not to want us in the Anglican Communion and maybe someday they’ll figure out how to officially kick us out … but for now there seems to be no way to do that and we’re still in. So in addition to calling myself an Episcopal priest, I can (still) call myself an Anglican priest, too.

I’m also a lawyer. I’m not an attorney, however. I think that latter term refers to someone in the active practice of law. I used to be, but am no longer. I was a litigator in Las Vegas, Nevada, before I entered ordained ministry. I’m still licensed (though on inactive status) in Nevada and, also, in California. So … I’m educated in law, which makes me a lawyer, but I’m not practicing, which means I’m not an attorney.

I’m a father. I have two children, a son who is 24 years old and a daughter who is 22. My son seems to be headed into Holy Orders like his father. My daughter is an artist.

I’m a husband. My wife of 27-plus years is a part-time insurance agent and does a lot of volunteer work.

This blog is a place where I hope to keep a record of thoughts related to all of the above.


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