A Prayer

At each morn and end of day,
To God I sing the same refrain;
Each day I vow and each I pray
That in God’s presence I’ll remain:

“God of all light, God of all dark,
Lord of the night and of the day,
Enwrap my will, enclose my heart;
Never from your love let me stray.”

Yet, Lord, from you I wander still,
I turn my back to your decrees;
I know it wrong, my sinful will,
And so I fall upon my knees:

“God of time and eternity,
Lord of the endless realms of space,
Sov’reign of earth and of the sea,
Enfold me within your embrace.

consuming-flame.gif“God of the storm, the rushing air,
Transcendent Lord, yet loving Friend,
Who, though distant, is always there,
From the beginning to the end.

“God of my innermost desire,
Lord of my world, my life, my soul,
God of all might, O holy fire,
Consume my sin and make me whole.”


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