Nevada Episcopal Election

This is what I had posted on my parish website:

The election of a bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada, in which Fr. Funston was nominee, resulted in the call of the Very Rev. Dan Edwards of Macon, Georgia, to assume that post, succeeding the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts-Schori, who left Nevada in 2006 when elected Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

Upon learning of the election results, Fr. Funston said:

I have been deeply humbled and honored by the invitation of the people of the Diocese of Nevada to participate in their discernment and call of a new bishop. My wife Evelyn and I are both natives of Nevada, and the state and its people hold a special place in our hearts. The state song says Nevada is “the land of a thousand thrills;” for the church it is also the land of at least a thousand tasks! I know that Fr. Edwards will work effectively with Nevada’s Episcopalians and others of faith to accomplish them. I am grateful that he has accepted God’s call and the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada’s invitation to do so. I am also grateful to the other nominees for their friendship and their generosity of spirit in taking part in this discernment process; any one of them would also have made a fine bishop, and I hope and pray that they will be given this opportunity in other dioceses.

Though I would have enjoyed being Nevada’s bishop, my call is to be rector of St. Paul’s. I look forward to many more years here working with the people of this parish and the Medina community to answer God’s call to ministry in this place. We have much work to do here! Let’s get on with it!

Fr. Funston thanks the people of St. Paul’s Parish for their support during the time of discernment now ended.

Truth: I’m saddened. I had hoped to go home.


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