Unnaturally Warm

It is unnaturally warm in NE Ohio (and I suppose in other neighboring places) … Here in the first week of October this part of the world is supposed to have temps in the low to mid-60s (the Fahrenheit scale, of course), but instead yesterday capped out at 87 and the prediction is that today will also be nearly 90, and tomorrow and Monday as well.

On Tuesday it is said that a storm front will move through, bringing with it thunderstorms (which our dogs will hate) and behind it the more seasonable low-60 degree high temperatures.

The grass on our third of an acre has taken advantage of the warm weather and grown with verdant abandon.  On the other hand, the trees, accustomed as they are to the regular slow plodding of the seasons, are dropping their leaves.  This means that yesterday, I mowed our lawn and mulched together (I have mulching blades on the mower) the fresh green grass clippings and the brown-yellow fallen leaves.

There is nothing wrong with this … the problem is the dogs.  Usually before mowing I walk the yard looking for what my wife calls “souvenirs” and what I refer to as “puppy eggs”.  I tried yesterday.  With so many large brown leaves on grass, I could not tell the canine leavings from the arboreal droppings.  I left them all in place and mowed over everything.

So the mulch in some places has not quite the nice, fresh vegetal odor one expects.

Life is like that sometimes….

All we can do is keep mowing and hope the grass continues to come in thick, and green, and beautiful.


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