Carpentry vs. Ministry – Part 3

I finished the project in the garage. I’ll take picture and post it here in a short while. The thing was actually finished quite a while ago.

I moved on to a larger deck project. We have a 30’x12′ deck along the back of our house. It is essentially a 2nd-story deck because our house in on a hillside and has a walkout basement exiting at the back. The deck, which comes off our “great room” (one of those combined kitchen/breakfast room/den things), is on what is the ground floor if you enter from the front of the house, but the second floor when looked at from the rear.

This deck with surfaced with pressure-treated cedar “five-quarter” decking and railed with a badly built, nailed-on affair of two-by-fours and one-by’s. It was awful and badly weathered. So I tore all that decking off and removed most of the rail and set about resurfacing it with composite decking (the same stuff I used to surface the little porch in the garage). That’s done – it was back breaking work. That composite decking is heavy stuff; about three times the weight of a comparable piece of natural lumber.

Now I’m installing a white vinyl rail. My spouse is assisting. We have installed the rail along one end and have now installed the posts along the 30′ side. Next we will measure and cut the railing sections for installation on that side. Then we’ll do the eastern edge and a slanted rail for the stairs (which lead down to a concrete patio outside the walkout basement sliding glass door).

And that will be that … it will be done.

It’s either going to be something we will enjoy for years to come. Or it will be a sales feature we can highlight if we ever relocate and need to sell this residence.

Carpentry is a great hobby!


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