Chinese Cookie Fortunes

The past few months we’ve eaten a lot of Chinese food.  For whatever reason, we seem to end up joining friends in oriental restaurants and, invariably, getting fortune cookies.  Here are the fortunes I’ve received:

Six weeks ago:  “Time flies.  Suns rise and shadows fall.  Let time go by.  Love is forever over all.”

Five weeks ago:  “Do not dwell on differences with a loved one — try to compromise.”

Last month:  “You will be selected for a promotion because of your accomplishments.”

Last week:  “You may be hungry soon:  order a takeout now.”

Tonight I found two slips in my cookie.  They read, “You are always welcome in any gathering.  Host a party this month”  and “Your investments of time now will lead to success later.”

I don’t think these things mean anything.  But they are fun.



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3 responses to “Chinese Cookie Fortunes

  1. mysticheart

    Fr. Bread:

    If you are a Father. You might be a Mother for all I know..hahaha…

    RYN: It’s difficult to explain. But know this: I have walked as an Asatruar in recent months (this would be a person whose Gods are the old Norse Gods – like Odin and Thor and Frigga and Freyja and Freyr etc) and there is much to that which sings to my heart.

    But…people do tend to look askance at this kind of thing, not regarding it as a “legitimate religion.” I think that depends on one’s definition of “legitimate” and “religion.”

    But I have joined an Episcopal Church in my area, but I had some theological conflicts (in my own heart) so I stopped going. I was afraid people would not want me there, esp. since I do have a long background in Wicca and whatnot – and it still influences my personal spiritual path. It probably always will.

    So, I suppose I miss being something that is given legitimacy. I miss being one of the accepted people.

    But, I do have to admit that sometimes it just lacks things that the pagan paths CAN give me – like veneration of the Divine Feminine. The idea of Goddess is mind-blowing to me. It’s so magical! The idea that our bodies are GOOD. The idea that women are NOT second-class citizens. I could go on.

    I’m not sure what you make of that, or if anything was cleared up at all, but that’s the best I can do right now.

  2. I think the love one is pretty good. Also the takeout one, but for different reasons.

  3. breadandwine

    mysticheart … I think any suggestion that Christianity teaches that the body is not good is a wrong one, a fundamental misunderstanding of Christianity. Similarly any suggestion that women are second-class has no foundation in the Christian faith. (Granted, there have been streams of thought in Christianity that taught mortification of the flesh and denigrated the place and role of women, but those streams are, i.m.h.o., simply mistaken.)

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