Nevada Bishop Search

The Diocese of Nevada is having an episcopal election.  A priest in the Diocese of Nevada is keeping a blog of the search process….  it is linked from the Diocesan website.

Visit the blog and scroll down to the entry (with YouTube video) for August 16.

You will have to admit (if this blog is any evidence) that Nevada is not getting too serious about the process of electing a bishop.  TBTG!  (I love being a Nevadan!)



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2 responses to “Nevada Bishop Search

  1. It is good that the guy keeping that blog has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

    Also, that Episco-PAL thing is great.

    I see you have Lamott listed under your currently reading, how are you liking her?

  2. breadandwine

    Lamott is good. She’s entertaining. She is of an age with me and I can relate to her descriptions of life at an earlier age.

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