Carpentry vs. Ministry

Yesterday I came home from the office and decided to start a project for which I purchased the materials about a year ago.  I am building a deck measuring 3 feet by 12 feet along the wall between our laundry room and the garage; the floor of the laundry room is two feet higher than the garage floor and, until now, a rather poorly built set of wooden steps were how we accessed the laundry room door from the garage.  (I say “laundry room” but the it’s actually a sort of “mud room” with the laundry facility in one direction, a powder room and then the kitchen in the other.)  So what I am doing is replacing those steps with a rather more substantial structure.

Carpentry CartoonLast evening and this afternoon I built the framework, which I will paint white tomorrow, then on Thursday evening I plan to put on “Veranda” recycled plastic-and-wood-fibre decking on the surface and the treads of the steps.   And then it will be done.

I have always enjoyed carpentry as a hobby.  I have done minor remodeling on our last four homes and will be doing some other projects here (I’m resurfacing our outside deck later this summer, and still have to finish the basement….)

I think what I like about it is that the projects have an end.  There is a sense of accomplishment.   Church ministry is not like that.  I think if I’d been Jesus I might not have given up carpentry to become a rabbi…..



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2 responses to “Carpentry vs. Ministry

  1. Ann

    You need to come here and replace my deck for me — something longer, and with screens, please. The mosquitos in Tennessee are as big as the ones you grow there. I’ll pay for materials and you do the work, OK? Oh, and bring your tools, because I only have one rusty hand saw and a claw hammer.

  2. breadandwine

    If “materials” include some really good beer, I might be tempted….. might be….

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