On the Road in Ireland – Day 1

Greetings from the Republic of Ireland!

The flight Philly – Dublin – Shannon was uneventful except that we were surrounded by the forty-voice choir from Lockhaven University (PA) who are ona nine-day concert tour of Ireland. Nice kids, but a bit rowdy.

Bunratty Castle Hotel

We got speedily through passport control and customs, rented our car (an Opel Corsa), and drove to Bunratty, where we checked in. We decided our best bet was to get on with lunch and sight-seeing, so we strolled down the hill from the hotel to the “The Creamery Bar” — Evie had seafood chowder and a diet Coke.

The Creamery BarI had an Irish Cheddar sandwich with coleslaw, an apple chutney, and a fresh vegetable salad, and a pint of Beamish stout. Then we both had a cup of coffee and chatted with the bar’s owner and our
waitress. Lovely people.

The Creamery Bar

Next we walked to the Bunratty Castle and Irish Folk Park — this is a great exhibit of historical Irish homes. (And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t take my camera with me! So we bought a picture book.) After the Folk Park, we walked back to the hotel, got the camera, and then went to the Bunratty Winery & Distillery, where we bought a bottle of mead (the only kind of wine they make, which Evie likes) and a bottle of potcheen (Irish moonshine, basically).

Our Opel and an Irish Buckeye Tree!

Then we went for a drive around the countryside and found a B&B we wish we’d stayed at — “The Minister’s Rest” — LOL! We also found what looked like a Buckeye Tree with pink blossoms and, on talking with a gardner, turned out to be exactly that. Here, of course, it was called “a horse chestnut” but in Ohio, it would be called a “Buckeye”. So we parked our Opel next to it and I took a picture.

Now we are back at the hotel taking a load off our feet for a while — in an hour or two we will go to Gallagher’s Restaurant (recommended by thelady at the winery) for supper, and then it will really be bad time!!!!

More later!



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2 responses to “On the Road in Ireland – Day 1

  1. Patrick

    Glad you guys made it! It started raining here. . . pretty eventful stuff.

    While you guys are gone, I’m going to learn how to ride a unicycle. I spent a couple hours on it yesterday and I can get about 8 feet (2.5 rotations) about 70% of the time. It’s very difficult.

    Have a happy 5:15! Love you both.

  2. Patrick

    Just wondering what was going on. We are worried about you. Interestingly, we wouldn’t be if you hadn’t said you would be posting stuff on this blog. . .

    Like your last trip you didn’t post stuff on a blog (or at least didn’t lead us to believe that you would) and we weren’t worried.


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