On the Road in Kansas City (Part 2)

We aren’t actually in Kansas City. We’re in the city of Merriam, Kansas, in Johnson County, one of the several counties of the KC metroplex. The KC metro is one of those places where you drive from town to town and never even know you’ve done so … you can drive from state to state and not realize it. (At the state line of Ohio and Indiana there is a large light blue metal arch over the interstate; nothing like that at any of the KS-MO “border crossings”!)

Anyway, here we are and while She Who Must Be Obeyed (Thank you, John Mortimer and Horace Rumpole) gets herself ready for the day, I am playing with this blogging application.

I wondered why no one had posted any comments (though there have been 200+ visits since I set this thing up four days ago), and discovered that the comment moderation was set so that only those who had previously commented could post a comment. Isn’t that a Catch-22? You can’t post unless you’ve posted before, but you can’t have posted before if you can’t post. Seems a silly way to set a default.

Life is full of unmarked border crossings and silly defaults. Look out for them!

I’ve reset the comments rules so that anyone who identifies themselves and posts enters a valid email address is allowed. All comments will be moderated, however.


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