Some Serious Questions about Abp. Akinola’s Priorities

Wayne Besen – author, activist, columnist, public speaker – has raised some very serious questions about the priorities and actions of the Archbishop of Nigeria, Peter J. Akinola.  Among them …

Abp. Peter J. AkinolaDoes a New England homosexual take precedence over the nearly 3,000 African children who die each day from malaria? Is the gay issue a bigger moral concern than the 40 million African children who are not currently in school?

Or, what about the fact that Nigeria has profited to the lavish tune of a half trillion dollars from oil revenues in less than fifty years – and yet, seventy percent of Nigerians live in abject poverty with exiguous incomes of less than one dollar a day?

You should read Mr. Besen’s analysis of the Nigerian situation, Abp. Akinola’s flagrant disregard of what is happening in his own country while intruding on the affairs of the American church, and the responsibilities of those in America who are allying themselves with Akinola.  His commentary is here.


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