Going on Vacation (Holiday)

Tomorrow will be my last day in my office for four weeks.  I will celebrate the Eucharist in the morning and again in the evening, but that will be basically all I plan to accomplish at the church.

The day after, my wife and I will drive to Kansas City where our son is graduating from college.  After a few days there we will return to our home and I will go to a clergy conference for a few days.  After that … we are off to Ireland.

I’m looking forward to it … but I wonder whether it is really worth it in the long run.

Getting ready to go on a vacation means lots of extra work.  Setting this up, taking care of that, making sure something else is covered.  At some point (which I don’t think I’ve quite reached), one has to say, “This is it!  I’ve done all I can do” and pack the bags and leave.  (I still have some trip-related things to do — like shopping for a couple pairs of slacks and such — but I am quickly reaching the no-more-work-related-stuff stage.)

And then there’s returning from one’s holiday … even in the least active of seasons it seems that work piles up.  There are things (sometimes really simple things) that office staff or volunteers or whomever seem to feel they can’t handle, and these things sit on one’s desk for days until one’s return.  And they seem to grow…. what would have been a simple thing on Day 1, but Day 14 has become a major, stress-producing mess.  And it’s all just piled on top of the normal work load for the days after one’s vacation.

Can you tell I’m stressing out?  I’m really not … at least I don’t think I am.

So it’s off on holiday, a vacation in Ireland — 18 days of nothing to do but enjoy the “full Irish breakfast”, pub grub and stout for lunch, and who knows what for dinner.  We have no tour itinerary.  We just chose four “bed and breakfast” homes in small towns across the south of the country and we will stay four nights in each making day trips to places and things we think we might enjoy seeing.  More on the trip when we return.


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