Owning a Domain is a Pain ….

I own a domain.  I have it hosted with a company I shall not name (yet).  I have had three domains hosted by this company.  Two were for parishes (my former parish and my current parish).

My former parish apparently decided not to have a web-presence after I moved on and allowed the hosting agreement (and presumably the domain registration to lapse).

My current parish finally found a member who volunteered to be the webmaster and he decided to use WordPress as the content management application … but getting that up and running on the host server turned out to be something a problem and we started having difficulty with the domain being down, coming back up, going down again, over and over again.

So we have decided to move it to a local server …. OK, fine.  No problem.

But after we made that decision, the hosting company where my personal domain remains decided to make WordPress (and several other content management applications) available for use, so I opted to stay there and use WordPress on my domain (not this blog, another site I am trying to get up and running).  So I asked the hosting company to do what was necessary to make that happen.

Guess what?

My personal domain is not up, and down, and up, and down.  Website is there … website isn’t there.  Email is accessible … email isn’t accessible.  It’s a pain in the veritable you know what.

I may decide to move that domain.

In the meantime, I have this blog.


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